Monthly Archives: December 2017


Spring is finally here!  With it comes nicer and sometimes wet weather.  The children do go outside every day, weather permitting, so please have a change of clothing and proper boots and coats since the playground sometimes can be a little damp.

Please remember to sign your child in when you drop them off in the morning and sign them out when you pick them up. Also, please remember to turn off your vehicle in the parking lot. It is a Wisconsin State law! Thank you!

Also, make sure if your child has a contagious illness such as strep throat or pink eye, that you are informing the center right away so that we can post the illness and disinfect the classroom. Any child should not return to the center until they are symptom free or have been on an antibiotic for a 24 hour period. Your cooperation in this matter will only help prevent the spread of illness.