About Us

Founded in 1975, Ozaukee Child Care’s goal was to provide excellent, convenient and affordable day care and preschool facilities. And that goal remains unchanged today. Put simply, Ozaukee Child Care strives to create the same loving, caring and safe environment your children share with you at home.

Ozaukee Childcare & Preschool is a non-profit organization headed by a board of directors comprised of concerned parents, teachers and community members.

While we are very proud of our high quality child care facilities and activities at Ozaukee Child Care and Preschool, we think our parents can say it best.*

“Everyone is so pleasant and cheery¬†– even at the end of the day!”

“The appearance of the day care is always very clean.”

“All the teachers are very considerate and deeply care about my children. Thank you, I could not be successful in my job if Ozaukee Day Care was not successful in it’s job.”

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