Our Programs

Our Commitment To Our Children

Our well-organized classrooms are equipped with a variety of educational toys and materials that make learning fun. Each of our locations have large, fenced in outdoor play areas, which are utilized whenever weather permits. And most importantly, our dedicated staff works hard to assure that each child receives individualized attention.

Our “Whole Child” Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates the “Whole Child” approach to learning.  This means that the development of each child is enriched by a variety of activities.

Developmentally appropriate lesson plans are done weekly for all ages based on our curriculum.  OCC includes activities, which will give the children knowledge of cultural, ethnic and gender differences.  Cultural diversities of the children will be reflected in the program through the incorporation of appropriate language, food, celebrations and lifestyle.  Expressions in music, art, and literature in the children’s culture will be encouraged.  Equipment and materials will be included that reflect cultural diversity and individual differences.

Communication skills, social interaction, creative experiences, physical activities and exposure to a variety of cultures are planned.  Age appropriate, child centered activities, which allow the children to touch, do, and explore are encouraged.

Our Programming Opportunities

You may choose from six different programs to best meet your child care needs: