Thanksgiving Closing

OCC will be closed Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a normal tuition week unless you turn in vacation coupons.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Feast

OCC will be having its 18th Annual Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 14th starting at 12:00pm.

Please look for sign ups and ask your child’s teacher for more information.

Remember that parking is limited during this event at both centers, so if carpooling is possible, it is appreciated.

Also at the Mequon center, in you have more than one child, please consider eating in the classroom of the child that has fewer children enrolled due to space constraints. Thank you!


All proceeds from the fundraiser will be going toward year end staff bonuses. Thank you to everyone that ordered or made a monetary donation!

Your support is greatly appreciated!!!

Halloween Fun

OCC will celebrate Halloween on Thursday, October 31st! Make sure everyone is dressed up and we will go trick or treating to each classroom right after morning snack.

Open/Closing Times

The center opens at 6:30am. As our staff is preparing breakfast and getting the center ready to open, we ask that parents not to enter the building to drop off their children before 6:30am.

The center closes at 6:00pm. As our staff members may have appointments, classes or family commitments, we ask parents to respect our closing time. PLEASE make sure you are arriving before 6:00pm to gather your child’s belongings so that everyone can leave the building and get home on time. Late penalties will be charged for parents who retain a teacher past 6:05pm.