Upcoming Events

Upcoming Summer Events: (see the Summer Program page for specific center activities)

July 3rd: Wear red/white/blue

July 4th & 5th OCC is closed for Independence Day

August 13th: Wear white like a cloud

August 20th: End of Summer Party

August 22nd: Wear shark apparel

Peanut- Free Facility

Just a reminder that OCC is a Peanut-Free facility.  Please refrain from bringing in snacks or treats that contain peanuts.  Be sure to thoroughly check ingredients from all store-bought and homemade items before bringing them in.

Operating Hours

The center opens at 6:30am and closes at 5:30pm.  Families should not enter the building before that time and should have arrangements made so that you can arrive prior to 5:30pm to allow enough time to gather your child’s belongings.

Illness Policy

If your child has a potentially contagious illness, they must be kept out of child care until they have been free of the illness for 24 hours. If your child is undergoing testing of a contagious illness, they may not attend daycare until the results are known.

If you feel your child’s symptoms are not contagious, you must take your child to a physician and obtain a written excuse stating why they are NOT contagious before returning. You also may be asked to take your child to the doctor in the event our staff suspects a contagious illness. Thank you in advance, for helping to keep our center safe and illness-free!

Illness Policy – [download in word]