Meals, Snacks & Menu

It is the intent of OCC to provide well-balanced, nutritious meals and snacks for the children at our centers.

OCC provides a well-balanced breakfast, nutritious hot lunch and afternoon snacks each day for all children who are 12 months of age and older.  Breakfast is served until 8:00am, the kitchen then closes for the preparation of lunch.  Please arrive by 7:50am if you would like your child to eat breakfast.  If you cannot get your child to the center before breakfast is over, please make sure your child has been properly fed.  Morning snack is served at 9:15am.  We ask that you do not bring in food from home, unless it is your child’s snack day. Parents are asked to bring a morning snack once per month for their child’s class.  Special treats are allowed for birthdays and special occasions.  Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.  School age children are offered meals and/or snacks upon return to the center.

A qualified cook prepares all meals on site.  Each cook will undergo orientation and annual training (4 hours) in kitchen sanitation, food handling and nutrition.  Our menus are age appropriate and meet USDA requirements.  Menus are posted in the entranceway of the center and in each classroom and emailed copies are sent to parents each month.  Any menu changes are recorded and posted outside the kitchen.

If a child has an allergy to any of the foods OCC serves (i.e. eggs, dairy, etc.) a doctor’s written excuse is explaining the food allergy is required and OCC will make simple alterations to the meal or snack to accommodate the child.  If it is not possible to alter the meal or snack, OCC will do our best to provide something else for the child to eat.  If this is not possible, OCC will then ask the parent(s) to provide an alternative that meets USDA requirements for the child to eat.  Any child enrolled requiring special meals (kosher, vegetarian) will need to be provided by the parents.

June Menu [download in Word]

May Menu [download in Word]