Child Guidance

It is the intent of OCC that the staff provides each child with age appropriate guidance that helps the child acquire a positive self-concept.  It is important that behavior guidance used by each teacher be constructive, positive, and suited to the age of the child.

The list below is a sample of the rules and standards applied in our centers:

A. To prevent unacceptable behavior from occurring, the staff will:

  1. Model appropriate behavior.
  2. Arrange the classroom environment and daily routines to enhance the learning of behaviors that are acceptable.  Use songs, music, games, etc. to minimize waiting during transition times.
  3. Use positive and encouraging language when appropriate behavior is occurring.

B.  When unacceptable behavior is about to occur/is occurring, the staff will use:

  1. Redirection:  substituting a positive activity for a negative activity.
  2. Distraction:  change the focus of the activity or behavior.
  3. Teacher/Child Communication or Interaction:  explain and discuss the inappropriateness of the child’s actions and lead toward appropriate behavior.

More detail on our techniques will be provided at time of enrollment.